New Brewery Spotlight: Mountain Toad Brewing, Golden, CO


Because we love our craft beer so much here in Colorado, one new brewery just isn’t enough. So last weekend, we got TWO brand new breweries!  One of these newcomers was Mountain Toad Brewing, located in the historic town of Golden.


Move over Coors and make way for the little guy with the sweet little beer garden.  Mountain Toad opened their doors for the first time this past Saturday, bringing the number of craft breweries in Golden up to 3!  We appreciate Coors and absolutely LOVE all the fun things Troy Casey comes up with over at AC Golden, but we’re pretty excited about the recent “boom” in Golden’s craft beer scene.


Mountain Toad is the second brewery to open in Golden this year.  (Cannonball Creek opened back in January 2013.)  The pair of new breweries, along with the already well established Golden City Brewery, are quickly turning Golden into a “destination” for traveling craft beer fans.

Mountain Toad was founded by four long-time friends and Golden residents, who are brewing on a 10 BBL brew system.  They unveiled their 4-core beers on tap during the opening weekend.  Here’s the rundown:

1. White Ranch Wit – 6.4% ABV, 25 IBU’s, notes of coriander, yeast and citrus; crisp, clean and refreshing.

2. Apex Amber – 5.7% ABV, 32 IBU’s, nutty, caramel and lightly hopped.

3. Ryrish Stout – 6.6% ABV, 55 IBU’s, roasted coffee, rye and a touch of chocolate.

4. Mt. Zion IPA – 7.8% ABV, 85 IBU’s, hops, pine, light citrus and a bit of biscuit.


In addition to their 10 BBL setup, Mountain Toad will be brewing smaller batches on a 1 BBL pilot system.  The pilot system will be used to experiment with new recipes and will allow them to release new beers in the tap room on a regular, almost weekly basis.  The pilot beers that prove to be the most popular, will then be bumped up and brewed on the 10 BBL system.

The first 1 BBL brew, Summer Hop, was released earlier this week.  The beer, which is described as a hoppy wheat ale, already came and went, but there are plans for additional batches to be brewed as the weather warms up.

In addition to Summer Hop, the team plans to offer multiple seasonal and rotating beers.  Most will be American-style ales, but they anticipate brewing Belgian-style beers on occasion too.  Mountain Toad visitors will want to keep an eye out for a Brown Ale called Brown Chicken Brown Cow, as well as a Pumpkin Beer, a Porter and a Red Ale.

The tasting room has more than a dozen seats at the bar, 8 tables throughout and is decorated with local artwork, depicting classic, Colorado mountain scenes.  Off the left side of the brick building, a doorway leads to the beer garden, which during our visit, was full of friendly faces, inviting picnic tables and will be served by a rotating selection of local food trucks.  Visitors are also welcome to bring in their own food or order something for delivery to the brewery.



Bicyclists are already taking advantage of the brewery’s close proximity to Golden’s trail system.  The bike racks out front were nearly overflowing during our visit.


For now, Mountain Toad plans to fill the role of “neighborhood brewery”, but they’re looking to begin distributing kegs to local restaurants and bars in the near future.

The brewery’s conveniently located just a few blocks from Clear Creek and the famous Welcome Arch into downtown Golden, making it the perfect spot to begin or regroup after a trip into town. Tourists will flock here because of the downtown location, while locals will appreciate a small-batch, craft brewer, within spitting distance of one of the world’s largest breweries, located just downstream.


We’re excited to introduce Mountain Toad Brewing to the Colorado craft beer scene.  Golden’s a place that’s been overshadowed by The Banquet Beer for decades and it’s refreshing to see a craft beer revolution happening in this small mountain town.

Mountain Toad Brewing is located at: 900 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80401.  720-638-3244.



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