Beer For Breakfast

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Beer for Breakfast

Craft Beer Meets Craft Doughnuts

While often frowned upon for a variety of reasons – “Get a job!”, “You’re a drunk!”, “Grow up you hippy!”, I’m here to tell you there’s no shame in reaching for a beer in the morning.  In fact, I’m such an advocate, I’m going to dedicate a series of articles highlighting some of our favorite beer / breakfast pairings.  If that’s not enough to convince you, just remind yourself it’s 5:00 somewhere.

beeriosLet me begin by saying, when it comes to booze for breakfast, I’m not talking about dishing out a bowl of “beerios” and chowin’ down.  Instead, I want to talk about and explore the delectable doughnut.  The new and improved doughnut.  Wait, what?

Much like the revolution occurring in the craft beer world, there’s a similar movement taking place in the world of doughnuts.  It seems the classic doughnut has gotten a facelift over the past few years and people are lining up to chow down.  The recent arrival of Voodoo Doughnuts to Denver is proof of the doughnut’s rebirth and rebounding popularity.  Voodoo often has legions of fans lined up and streaming down scenic Colfax, all waiting to get their hands on one of those pink boxes stuffed with delightful breakfast treats.

Head to any of the Denver-area’s better doughnut shops like Voodoo, Glazed and Confused, Donut Maker or others and you’ll discover doughnuts in all shapes and sizes, topped with heavenly and often times mind-expanding toppings I’ve never even dreamt of.  Think peanut butter, cereal, bacon, marshmallows, candy and fruit.  Hungry yet?  Often times these babies taste more like desert than “part of a balanced breakfast”, but that’s ok.  Who couldn’t go for a nice shot of sugar in the morning to get the day off to a good start?  Hold the coffee, I’m all in.  Bring on the beer!

move over coffee

So here we go friends.  Let’s start the day off on the right foot.  Let’s treat ourselves to some sinfully delicious doughnuts.  Let’s embrace that hair of the dog.  I’m ready for Beer for Breakfast.

First up is Voodoo Doughnut’s Old Dirty Bastard (ODB).  The tribute to the late Wu Tang Clan rapper is a raised yeast doughnut (as opposed to cake), topped with chocolate frosting, crumbled Oreos and drizzled with peanut butter sauce.  Please take a moment to marvel at this beauty.

voodoo odb2 voodoo odb

The doughnut on its own is pretty insane and screams for a big, bold and fearless beer to match the intensity.  Enter the mighty Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide.

yeti logo

Not one to shy away from a challenge, the Yeti proved more than ready for the task.  The beer’s thick, rich, bittersweet chocolate flavors complement the doughnut’s chocolate frosting and crumbled Oreo cookie topping.  The Yeti serves up a layer of caramel, malt and roasted grains that serves as a welcome contrast to the saltiness of the doughnut’s thick, creamy peanut butter sauce.

voodoo odb yeti

Served fresh, Yeti packs 75 IBU’s, bringing a hoppy, bitter edge to the table that’s more than capable of standing up to ODB and at times even overpowers the doughnut’s richness, which is no easy task.

Yeti packs a full, thick mouthfeel that encourages you to take your time and truly appreciate these two for both their similarities and differences.  A bit like ebony and ivory, ODB and Yeti are from two different worlds, yet able to live together in perfect harmony.

That’s it for now, but hopefully I got you thinking about brewing up your own pairings and discovering a new local doughnut shop or two (and beer) along the way.  This Saturday morning, head out for some fresh doughnuts, grab a nice beer and pair ’em up with your favorite cartoon classics.  For this one, we’re going with a side of Captain Caveman & the Teen Angels.


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