The Beer Whisperer Goes Brewtally Insane!

scott steigerwald

The Brewtally Insane Team Is Growing!

We’ve come to the realization that there’s way more brew news than Mrs. Insane and I can handle on our own. Rather than risk missing some crucial announcement in the beer world, we figured it was time to recruit some much-needed help. With that, we’re excited to welcome Scott Steigerwald to the Brewtally Insane crew. Scott’s no stranger to the craft beer scene and is someone I’m sure many of you are already familiar with. Here’s a little background on Scott:

Scott is a native New Yorker and spent his childhood growing up on Long Island. He discovered his love for craft beer in the mid-90s while attending college in Buffalo, NY. After college, Scott moved to Denver and further expanded his craft beer explorations. Scott is the former writer of The Denver Beer Hunter’s Report and also know as The Beer Whisperer or The Stig. By day, he is a software engineer and map geek, by night a husband and father to 3 kids and on the weekends a craft beer warrior. You can find Scott on Twitter, BA, Untappd and just about everywhere else as ssteigerwald.

Fortunately for us, Scott’s decided to continue his Beer Hunter’s Report, which you’ll be able to find right here, every Thursday, in our Weekend Beer Buzz. In addition, Scott has agreed to take on a variety of projects, including festival coverage, brewery features and whatever else we can conjure up to test out his liver and have a little fun in the process.

So grab a beer and help us welcome Scott “The Stig” Steigerwald to Brewtally Insane.


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