See, Sniff & Sip: Vol. VII

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With Avery Brewing’s 5th Annual Boulder SourFest less than two weeks away, we’d like to share a special edition of See, Sniff & Sip, with nothing but funk’d up, sour fun. Some local, some not. Some easy to track down, some not so much. All delish and worth the effort. Hope you enjoy!





crooked stave l'brett d'blackberry

L’Brett d’Blackberry

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Denver, CO

American Wild Ale
6.0% ABV

Since Day 1 at the Crooked Stave Barrel Room, L’Brett d’Or’s been a favorite of ours brewer / owner Chad Yakobson and the Crooked Stave crew. The Barrel-Aged Golden Sour Ale undergoes 100% primary Brett fermentation, before being inoculated and aged in wine barrels. The Blackberry variation was a one-off release for Crooked Stave’s Cellar Reserve members that was bottled in September 2013. Although you won’t find this one sitting on a store shelf any time soon, this beauty’s too good not to share.

Format: 375mL bottle
Availability: 2013 Cellar Reserve Members Only Release
Appearance: Pours a clear, deep purple color, with a faint, fleeting pink head.
Aroma: Phuuuunkeeee, tart and fruity. Sweet tarts. Earthy.
Taste: Funky up front, fruity and sweet in the back. While the Blackberry stands its’ ground against the Brett, we could go for a pinch more. Nice dry finish.
Insane Pairing: Blue cheese

Score: 4.25 / 5

Elder Brett: Saison-Brett Golden Aleepic crooked stave elder brett2

Epic Brewing, Denver, CO
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Denver, CO

8.80% ABV

An Epic collaboration between two of Denver’s finest breweries. Epic and Crooked Stave worked together to pair a Barrel-aged Golden Saison with the perfect strains of Brettanomyces. The resulting beer is tasty and complex, with just the right balance of dry and tart.

Format: 22oz. bottle
Availability: Limited Collaboration
Appearance: Poured into a tulip glass, the beer is a clear, golden color.  The foamy white head stands 1-finger tall on the beer, which is lively with carbonation. 
Aroma: The nose is huge, with notes of tart apples, white wine, loads of Brett funk and a faint trace of pepper.  Really, really nice; easy to detect the Crooked Stave influence here.
Taste: Elder Brett offers up bretty pineapple, funky cheese, subtle barnyard notes oak, fresh grains and green apples.  The taste is a little more restrained than the nose and is incredibly easy drinking.  Even at almost 9% ABV, Elder Brett remains extremely sessionable.  Interesting to see how the Brett has been used to enhance the beer, rather than define it.  A really enjoyable offering that I hope leads to additional collaborations between the two Denver breweries.
Insane Pairing: Fresh citrus fruits

Score: 4.25 / 5

bruery rueuzeRueuze

The Bruery, Placentia, CA

5.6% ABV

Rueuze is The Bruery’s spin on a traditional Belgian Lambic. The beer is a blend of multiple barrels of their Sour Blonde that have been aging for various lengths of time. The end result is a beer that combines a high level of complexity, with balanced acidity.

Format: 750 mL bottle
Availability: Winter Seasonal Release
Appearance: Slightly cloudy golden straw color, with a bubbly, 1-finger, white head.
Aroma: Big notes of lemon, white wine, sour apples, touch of vinegar.  Sour to the max.  Smells awesome, has the back of my tongue tingling.
Taste: Lemons, green apples and green grapes all come through on this one.  Plenty sour, but not overpowering for the style.  Tart, oaky, sourness lingers long after the beer is gone.  Great beer.
Insane Pairing: Walnuts

Score: 4 / 5


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