Great Divide Brewery Turns 20!!!

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Over the weekend, our man Scott aka The Beer Whisperer hit the Great Divide 20th Anniversary Party. He’s worked up a review and got some pics to share from his day working partying at the future home of one of our favorite Colorado breweries. Hope you enjoy –

Great Divide held their 20th anniversary this past Saturday at their new future brewery location.  The new location is located at 35th and Brighton, right across from The Source.  There’s already a large (75,000 square feet!), empty warehouse on the site and an even larger open field.  Great Divide had some site plans (which I failed to take a picture of) which displayed a large barrel room and a smaller sour barrel room, along with a small tap room coined “The Barrel Bar”.

The party took place outside in the open field and inside the warehouse.  Outside consisted of many, many tents serving up Great Divide’s beers along with stages for bands and several food trucks.  Inside the warehouse is where the Barrel Aged beers and some casks were served, including a number of Yeti variants which this party is known for.

Inside the Warehouse: The infamous Vanilla Bean Yeti was present along with Fireside Yeti (Yeti aged in Fireside Whiskey barrels), Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, Oatmeal Yeti and other Yeti Variants. Oak Aged Yeti was being served directly from a barrel.  A cask of St. Bridget’s Porter with raisins was also available inside. Also inside was a DJ, a Yeti float station and even another food truck.

In the field: The real party was outside.  Minus a short rain shower, which didn’t hinder the party at all, the party in the field was killer.  A small sampling of the beers available outside included many of the Great Divide staples plus Red Comet (a Flanders Red), a trio of excellent Saisons (Yeiser, Cathy and Barbara), the new Showdown Rye IPA and numerous other beers.  The food truck lines were long, but moved quickly as the bands entertained revelers.  Kegs of water were spread throughout the field for everyone’s hydration needs.  It was one huge party!
gd5The party was well run despite its size…which was large.  The beer kept flowing, very few things ran out while I was there (Vanilla Bean Yeti ran out pretty quickly though).  And of course, all the beers were excellent.  Hopefully, this is a sign of more delicious things to come from Great Divide.


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