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Crooked Stave Artisans (CSA) continues to reel in and share with the Colorado market, some of the finest beers on the planet. Their portfolio continues to grow with popular breweries like Almanac, Evil Twin, Jester King and Prairie, while also introducing some lesser known, yet equally significant breweries, including Hof Ten Dormaal, and de Blaugies . Recently, the Brewtally Insane team sat down to taste and discuss some of the offerings from CSA’s newest partner, Sublime Imports.

“Sublime Imports has collected a range of beers from both Israel and Spain that show what is happening on the other side of the globe within our current market of beer consumption,” says CSA buyer André DiMattia. “It only further defines that ‘microbreweries’ are not just a blip on the scene, the tide is turning and more people are requesting better beer. These beers represent a focus and true dedication to something that can captivate and possibly get others to follow the pursuit.”

sublime 1Here’s a look at some of the highlights from our recent tasting session.

From the La Rioja region of Spain, Mateo & Bernabé and Friends gives us Mateo 21. The beer’s a light 5.5% ABV wheat beer that’s pleasant and refreshing with notes of oranges and lemons. Other locally available Mateo &  Bernabé beers include Bernabé 11 – Golden Ale, 6% ABV, and Santiago 25 – Abbey-style Ale, 7.5% ABV.

In contrast to the light Mateo 21, Cervezas la Cibelas has given us Massive Madrileno Ale, a 12% ABV Barleywine that offers everything we look for in a sweet Winter sipper. Think caramel, cherries, sherry and you’re on the right track. Massive Madrileno offers just the right mouthfeel and will be an interesting candidate to cellar and sample for years to come.


sublime 2Premium Beers from Spain has brewed up two very interesting, yet vastly different beers. First up is Er Boquerón, a 4.8% ABV Blonde Ale brewed with Mediterranean sea water. The beer comes off crisp and clean with a slightly briny aroma, followed by notes of honey and lemons in the taste. It’s a refreshing beer that had us craving seafood.

The contrasting, La Socarrada is a 6% ABV Golden Ale brewed with rosemary and rosemary honey. La Socarrada is highlighted by rosemary, pepper, and other herbs and got us thinking about Thanksgiving. Plan to pick up a bottle of this beautiful beer to pass around the table during your turkey day dinner.

Spain is truly making some exceptional beers, some of which are unlike anything we’ve had in recent memory and are definitely worth seeking out.



In addition to the aforementioned beers, Sublime also imports beers from Israel, including bottles from Malka Brewery and Alexander Beer.

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Malka Brewery specializes in traditional German, Belgian and English styles, while incorporating their own Israeli twist. Look for Belgian-style Blonde Ale – 6.5% ABV, Dry Stout – 6% ABV, and Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV.

Alexander Beer uses traditional European brewing methods, a proprietary yeast, and purified water from the Sea of Galilee to produce small batches of kosher beer. Look for Green – Israeli IPA, 6% ABV, and Black – Israeli Robust Porter, 7% ABV.

Keep your eyes peeled this Winter for these and other new arrivals from the craft beer aficionados at Crooked Stave Artisans. Check back for additional updates as we share and discuss more of the exciting beers headed our way.


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