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In an attempt to keep track of all the amazing beers coming out of Casey Brewing and Blending, we decided to compile a Bottle Log. The beers are listed below and we’ve added as much info as we could, including the information from the bottle sticker, as well as details from Troy Casey that were shared during the initial releases and Extended Family Members.

We’ll do our best to maintain and grow the log throughout the year. If you have details you think would be helpful, please reach out to us.


Updated: 04/04/2017

Beer Bottled Brewer's Notes
Advanced Oak Theory
Advanced Oak Theory 01/21/2015
Advanced Oak Theory 12/16/2015 Fermented in whiskey barrels from Woody Creek in Basalt. Some of the barrels held 100% CO ingredient spirits. Less whiskey astringency and more fruity qualities come from the barrels.
Biere de Garde
Biere de Garde 06/30/2015 Our Collaboration with Aspen Brewing Company. They brewed a super malty wort that we split. We used our farmhouse culture to ferment this. The result is basically what you'd expect. Rich and malty but dry, more acidic than any farmhouse we've done. I'm really excited about this.
Biere de Garde 04/14/2016 New recipe, this beer is all us, not a collab. All Colorado ingredients except for the Crisp Chocolate malt we used. This beer is hands down my favorite beer we've made. Our farmhouse yeast just destroyed the massive amount of Munich base malt to make something crazy fruity.
Biere de Garde 02/24/2017 This dark farmhouse ale has a grain bill very similar to Saison, but we use large amounts of Munich malt and a touch of Chocolate malt. We ferment and age Biere de Garde with our farmhouse culture in our oak fermenters. This blend was aged for around 5 months before bottling. The hint of chocolate roast is balanced by the delicate acidity and fruit yeast esters.
Brett Loves Hops
Brett Loves Citra 10/30/2014
Brett Loves Citra 06/10/2015 This batch of BLC is super clean with huge mango and pineapple notes.
Brett Loves Citra 02/29/2016 It's back! Clean brett funk that pairs well with the tropical Citra hops. We've never made a drier beer.
Brett Loves Citra 04/11/2016 For this second and final blend of BLC this year we dry hopped it with more Citra. Less bitter than the previous blend.
Brett Loves Mosaic 03/28/2016 The Mosaic hops create huge mango and papaya flavors. More hoppy and less bitter compared to last month's BLC.
Brett Loves Mosaic 05/27/2016
Brett Loves Simcoe 08/08/2016 I think I said BLM was the last Brett Loves beer, but I forgot we had this in barrels haha. Did a blend for Denver for GABF, go nuts. Hoppy like previous Brett Loves blends.
Casey Family Preserves
Casey Family Preserves - Apricot 07/28/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Apricot 07/29/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Blackberry 02/02/2016 Double the amount of fruit compared to the Fruit Stand version. Huge blackberry jam in this beer.
Casey Family Preserves - Blackberry 03/24/2016 The second blend we made, this is the last of the year. It's ready!
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Attika) 07/11/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Golden Cherry) 07/12/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Lapin) 07/15/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Montmorency) 09/02/2015 3.1 lbs fruit / gallon
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Montmorency) 03/23/2016 Montmorency cherries used at a rate we've never done before. Lots of cherries.
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Montmorency) 06/01/2016 Cherry pie in a glass.
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Sweet Hedelfingen) 07/22/2015
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Sour Balaton) 07/24/2015
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Stella) 07/15/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Stella) 07/25/2016 Last fresh cherry CFP blend this year. Last cherry blend in general of this year. We made it!
Casey Family Preserves - Cherry (Utah Giant) 07/19/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Grape (Cabernet Franc) 12/08/2015 More grape than the Fruit Stand. 100% CO ingredients.
Casey Family Preserves - Grape (Cabernet Franc) 01/03/2017 About 2.5 pounds/gallon of Cab Franc Grapes from Palisade. More grape than the FS. For the wine lovers out there.
Casey Family Preserves - Grape (Chardonnay) 11/23/2015 Twice the amount of grapes but less carbonated than the Fruit Stand version.
Casey Family Preserves - Grape (Riesling) 12/02/2015 Twice the amount of grapes but less carbonated than the Fruit Stand version.
Casey Family Preserves - Nectarine (Emeraude) 09/01/2015 2.2# / gal
Casey Family Preserves - Nectarine 09/15/2016 Maybe our most flavorful CFP to date. The Nectarines were amazing this year, so much flavor.
Casey Family Preserves - Nectarine (DH Motueka) 10/24/2016 Our last dry hop fruit beer from the 2016 crop. Eric had this idea last year and absolutely killed it. We'll be doing a lot more of these blends next year.
Casey Family Preserves - Peach (Elberta) 10/06/2015 3.1# / gal
Casey Family Preserves - Peach (Dry-Hopped Motueka) 09/19/2016 Motueka adds an amazing stone fruit layer on top of the peaches.
Casey Family Preserves - Peach (Glow Haven and Roza) 09/21/2016
Casey Family Preserves - Plum (Elephant Heart) 10/19/2015 Most acidic beer we've released so far. Huge plum notes and a bright acidity. 2.3# / gal
Casey Family Preserves - Plum (Laredo) 10/09/2015 2.4# / gal
Casey Family Preserves - Plum (Laroda) 11/03/2016 Last year we mistakenly called this fruit Laredo. It's actually Laroda (LA-ROW-DUH) as our farmer so graciously pointed out. Bottled 11/3/16, this blend has been tasting great for months. Candy-like plum flavors and acid similar to last year blend.
Casey Family Preserves - Plum (Santa Rosa) 10/14/2016 Santa Rosa plums from Palisade were blended with our Saison base beer. We ran out of saison barrels to blend any of this into Fruit Stand, so we just made a big CFP blend.
Casey Family Preserves - Plum (Shiro) 09/06/2016 Golden plum, the fruit came out super tropical.
Casey Family Preserves - Raspberry 05/17/2016
Collaborations and One-Offs
Biere de Garde 06/30/2015 Our Collaboration with Aspen Brewing Company. They brewed a super malty wort that we split. We used our farmhouse culture to ferment this. The result is basically what you'd expect. Rich and malty but dry, more acidic than any farmhouse we've done. I'm really excited about this.
Blackberry Honey 03/08/2016 Collaboration / Exclusively Sold at Mile High Wine & Spirits. East Bank w/ Blackberries.
Cherry Inclusion 08/28/2015 "Buy A Hand Truck" Collaboration / Exclusively Sold at Small Batch Liquors. Biere de Garde w/ Cherries.
Distant Relatives 08/30/2016 Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale. We took a couple barrels of Funky Blender and sent samples to Cellarmaker Brewing Company. They selected a hop blend for dry hopping, Southern Passion, Riwaka and Motueka at over 3 pounds per barrel. Drink this fresh!
Funky Blender 08/25/2016 New Farmhouse Ale we're using to experiment with different yeast cultures. It contains our house culture in addition to a new mix of yeast and bacteria. Completely new recipe, fermented and aged in oak puncheons.
Hop Mess 08/18/2015 Collaboration with Rockslide Brewing. Dry Hopped w/ Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe.
Hop Slope 12/19/2016 This hoppy farmhouse ale was brewed with our friends at Upslope in Boulder and then brought back to our cellar for fermentation with our farmhouse culture in oak barrels for about 6 months. We then copiously dry hopped it with Nelson and Galaxy hops prior to bottle conditioning.
Jammy Blackberry version of Leaner.
Leaner 09/30/2015 Collaboration with Side Project Brewing. A leaner is when a peach is so juicy you have to lean forward or it spills on you. 100% Oak Fermented Saison fermented with both Casey and Side Project's cultures. Aged with over 3 pounds per gallon Flamecrest Colorado Peaches. The Saison we both brewed was a higher gravity version of our house Saison recipe. So this beer is basically a higher gravity version of Casey Family Preserves but with Side Project's cultures. Noticeably more acidic. A great showing of both our cultures.
Leaner 09/13/2016
Supreme Clientele 10/20/2016 "Member?" Basically a multi fruit CFP. 50% Stella Cherry, 33% Triple Crown Blackberry and 17% raspberry. Stella cherries were my favorite sweet cherry this year. We combined those with blackberries from Hotchkiss and raspberries from Palisade (same grower of the berries in Raspberry CFP) to get a beer with fruit close to 4 pounds per gallon. Every sip of this blend I take has notes of the different fruit, like Willy Wonka blended it. Even though the raspberries were the least quantity used, there is still a song berry note.
West Slope Connection Vol. 1 12/15/2015 "Sell Me Cantillon" Collaboration / Exclusively Sold at Mr. B's Wine & Spirits. Advanced Oak Theory aged in Peach Street Bourbon Barrels.
Dry Hopped Oak Theory
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 01/26/2015 Simcoe and Galaxy
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 02/26/2015 Simcoe and Galaxy
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 04/20/2015 Amarillo Amarillo dry hops blend almost seamlessly with the brett funk to make flavors that couldn't be described as hops or funk - something totally new.
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 05/19/2015 Amarillo and Simcoe DHOT Amarillo and Simcoe is tasting amazing, the most acidic blend yet.
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 12/28/2015 Citra and Mosaic Citra and Mosaic hops at a usage rate so high we're not even going to say. When this first carbed in the bottle, it didn't even smell like a wild beer, just a double IPA. The funk has since blended with the hops to make the best version of this beer yet.
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 02/23/2016 Citra and Simcoe This one tastes remarkably like Iris.
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 03/21/2016 Amarillo
Dry Hopped Oak Theory 06/21/2016 Amarillo and Motueka We got some motueka from our friends at Cellarmaker and this blend is super tropical. 99% sure this is the last DHOT of the year.
Dry Hopped Saison
Dry Hopped Saison 11/01/2014 Dry Hop Test #1 4 Cases Bottled
Dry Hopped Saison 02/17/2015 Dry Hop Test #2
Dry Hopped Saison 04/07/2016 CO Cascade We used a little bit of Colorado Cascade hops to create this 100% CO ingredient beer. Don't think of this like Hop Mess or DHOT, the dry hopping adds another layer of citrus. We love this blend. Very different than straight Saison. This is the last Saison iteration until the early winter. Fruit season is almost here and we'll be using ever barrel for fruit or other projects.
Dry Hopped Saison (Nelson & Motueka) 02/03/2017 A great blend of lactic acid forward Saison barrels was selected for these tropical hops. The dry hopping resulted in hop aromatics that elevate just above our classic Saison yeast characteristics.
East Bank
East Bank 10/27/2014 78 Cases Total
East Bank 12/04/2014 16 Cases Total
East Bank 02/12/2015
East Bank 03/31/2015
East Bank 04/30/2015
East Bank 08/10/2015
East Bank 08/12/2015
East Bank 01/06/2016
East Bank 01/15/2016
East Bank 06/30/2016
East Bank 12/09/2016 A blend of 6 month old East Bank barrels. Classic EB esters from the local honey. These were from the same batch of East Bank as the last blend, just aged longer in oak. Won't have more East Bank until May at the earliest.
Fruit Stand - "For this series, we blend whole fresh Colorado fruit together with Saison barrels that were seemingly made for each other. The beer will age on the fruit for weeks, slowly fermenting the sugars in the fruit which results in a farmhouse ale with balanced notes of the fruit used."
Fruit Stand - Apricot 07/28/2015 - Perfection 1.5 lbs fruit / gallon
Fruit Stand - Blackberry 09/03/2014
Fruit Stand - Blackberry 10/29/2014
Fruit Stand - Blackberry 06/24/2015 We found some frozen blackberries and decided to do a large blend with our favorite barrels. 1.4 pounds fruit per gallon. Don't expect Blackberry Cut level of fruit, but this "brings the berries®" More fruit than previous blends.
Fruit Stand - Blackberry 01/27/2016 Triple Crown variety from a small farm in Hotchkiss I found. The only blend of the year.
Fruit Stand - Blackberry (Triple Crown) 02/15/2017 This might be the purest representation of Fruit Stand yet. The blackberries blend with the delicate Saison esters unlike anything I've tasted before. The acid from the berries intertwines with the soft lactic acidity of the Saison to make your mouth water for more. 100% Colorado ingredients.
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Attika) 07/11/2016
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Balaton Sour) 08/01/2014 Our first two barrels of Cherry Fruit Stand used Balaton sour cherries from Hotchkiss, CO and a sweet cherry from Paonia, CO. Surprisingly, the sweet cherry version is a bit more acidic than the Balaton cherry. The contrast in flavors is remarkable, with the Balaton version's nose smelling of classic Kriek notes. The sweet cherry smells to cherry candies.
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Balaton Sour) 07/24/2015 1.4 lbs fruit / gallon
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Bing) 08/04/2016 Did a large blend of this for release during GABF in Denver.
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Lapin) 07/18/2016
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 09/02/2014
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 10/29/2014
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 02/10/2015
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 05/11/2015
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 06/23/2015
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 08/26/2015
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 10/15/2015 1.5#/gallon
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Montmorency) 03/16/2016 Great as usual. We made a lot, we expect some of this blend to make it to the front range.
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Stella) 08/24/2016 last fresh cherry FS blend this year.
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Sweet Hedelfingen) 07/22/2015 1.4 lbs fruit / gallon
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Sweet) 08/01/2014 Our first two barrels of Cherry Fruit Stand used Balaton sour cherries from Hotchkiss, CO and a sweet cherry from Paonia, CO. Surprisingly, the sweet cherry version is a bit more acidic than the Balaton cherry. The contrast in flavors is remarkable, with the Balaton version's nose smelling of classic Kriek notes. The sweet cherry smells to cherry candies.
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Utah Giant) 07/20/2016
Fruit Stand - Cherry (Utah Giant) 08/04/2016 From Palisade, significant difference from the other sweet cherries we've used.
Fruit Stand - Grape (Cabernet Franc) 12/09/2015 Cabernet Franc grapes from Palisade, CO aged for 2 months on Saison. 100% CO ingredients.
Fruit Stand - Grape (Cabernet Franc) 01/04/2017 About 1.5 pounds/gallon of Cab Franc Grapes from Palisade. Great blend of Saison funk and grapes.
Fruit Stand - Grape (Cabernet Sauvignon) 10/28/2014
Fruit Stand - Grape (Chardonnay) 11/24/2015 Chardonnay grapes from Palisade, CO aged for 2 months on Saison. 100% CO ingredients.
Fruit Stand - Grape (Riesling) 12/03/2015 Riesling grapes from Palisade, CO aged for 2 months on Saison. 100% CO ingredients.
Fruit Stand - Nectarine (Emeraude) 09/01/2015
Fruit Stand - Peach 09/02/2014
Fruit Stand - Peach 10/06/2014
Fruit Stand - Peach 02/13/2015
Fruit Stand - Peach (Elberta) 10/07/2015
Fruit Stand - Plum (Black Amber) 09/04/2014
Fruit Stand - Plum (Black Amber) 10/07/2014
Fruit Stand - Plum (Black Amber / Italian Plum) 12/01/2014 9 Cases Bottled. Plum Fruit Stand is a blend made with Black Amber and Italian plums from Palisade and Hotchkiss
Fruit Stand - Plum (Elephant Heart) 10/20/2015 1.2#/gallon, the most acidic FS we've done so far. There's plenty of usual lactic acid, but the acid from the plums, almost like citric acid, creates a unique mouthfeel for sure. A bit puckering.
Fruit Stand - Plum (Santa Rosa) 08/28/2015
Fruit Stand - Plum (Shiro) 09/04/2014
Fruit Stand - Raspberry 05/19/2016 Extended Family Exclusive - We didn't get quite enough berries to do 2 bottles per member but there should be a few extras on the Monday secondary purchase. Members will be the only ones able to take this beer to go. It will be available for onsite consumption at the tasting room. We did a CFP version, but there are not enough bottles of that to do 1 per member so it will be available for the public but not for members. The labels of these raspberries read "ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries and cherries." We blended in about 3% Cherry CFP to help get more color.
Oak Theory - "This beer is our take on classic Belgian sour beers from the Senne Valley. We combine Colorado pilsner malt and raw wheat with a hefty charge of aged European whole hops and boil for almost 3 hours. We ferment in a variety of different sized oak barrels with a proprietary blend of saccharomyces, brettanomyces and various lactic acid bacteria cultures. After aging in these barrels for anywhere from 9-12 months, barrels are selected for their unique flavors and that individual blend is born."
Oak Theory 01/20/2015 - Oak Theory 1st!
Oak Theory 02/19/2015
Oak Theory 03/23/2015
Oak Theory 04/14/2015
Oak Theory 12/22/2015
Oak Theory 02/15/2016
Oak Theory 03/17/2016
Oak Theory 05/20/2016 The last blend of Oak Theory for a while as we'll now be using all barrels for a handful of Cut releases. This blend has the most complex acid profile yet.
Saison - "Our Saison is as old-world as it gets. We use 100% Colorado ingredients: Colorado water, malted and raw barley and wheat, Crystal hops and a yeast blend of saison yeast, brettanomyces and lactobacillus. We ferment the beer in custom-made open oak barrel fermenters. After this rustic primary fermentation, the beer goes to other barrels for further aging and flavor development. The result is a citrusy, dry, tart and effervescent beer worthy of sharing. 5.5% Alc. By Vol, 25 IBUs"
Saison 05/30/2014 - First Blend! Our first blend brought together a mix of barrels that had great citrus notes, lactic acidity, a small amount of spicy phenols and isoamyl acetate (banana).
Saison 06/25/2014 - Second Blend Blend Two had a softer acidity than the first blend. Blend Three was a blend of two barrels aged for 4 months.
Saison 07/31/2014 - Blend Three
Saison 10/09/2014
Saison 11/25/2014
Saison 01/07/2015
Saison 03/30/2015
Saison 04/29/2015
Saison 11/11/2015
Saison 03/09/2016
Saison 03/10/2016
Seasons Past
Seasons Past 03/28/2015 - 8 Month Old East Bank So this beer is also 100% ready and it kills me to think of how many bottles I opened and dumped waiting for this day. This will not be available to the public or served at the the tasting room. 8 month old barrel of East Bank that turned out great!
Seasons Past 10/27/2015 - HiGrav Saison This version is the collab that we did with Side Project without the fruit or Side Project's cultures. So it's a higher gravity wheat saison we oak fermented with our cultures. The higher gravity gave the yeast more work to do and we got some interesting phenols we haven't seen before. Conditioning since late October.
Seasons Past 01/07/2016 - 8 Month Old East Bank This single barrel was East Bank aged for 8 months. Very different than the original Seasons Past.
The Cut - "The Cut is Oak Theory aged with whole CO fruit usually over 2 pounds per gallon. We hand select specific barrels that we think will pair well with the fruit we’re using."
The Cut: Apricot 07/29/2015 It's got more carb than sleeper but not as much as normal beers we release. Still plenty of amazing Perfection juice. 3#/gal. Some people tried it during November and the feedback we got was great.
The Cut: Apricot (Perfection) 07/22/2016
The Cut: Apricot (Perfection) 07/27/2016
The Cut: Apricot (Perfection and Gold Bar) 07/26/2016 Just a different blend of apricots, a bit darker in color and more carb than the above blend. Not released in the cellar yet.
The Cut: Blackberry 02/17/2015
The Cut: Blackberry 04/21/2016 - Triple Crown Yup. It's good.
The Cut: Blackberry (Triple Crown) 10/13/2016 We took a 20 month old barrel of Oak Theory and blended in a stupid amount of blackberries from Paionia, CO. Huge berry notes and amazing complexity from the base beer make for the best Blackberry Cut yet.
The Cut: Cherry (Balaton) 03/30/2015
The Cut: Cherry (Balaton) 08/31/2015 We served this beer one month as a Sleeper, but it carbed up shortly after and now we're releasing it. A bit more carb than The Cut: Apricot but a huge amount of cherries.
The Cut: Cherry (Balaton) 06/01/2016 Much closer to the first blend when compared to the second, the best Balaton blend yet.
The Cut: Cherry (Bing) 07/21/2015 The Sleeper Series. Served Only In The Tasting Room.
The Cut: Cherry (Danube) 08/14/2016 Sour cherry that's darker than Balaton. I've been trying to get this cherry for years but the birds are always faster!
The Cut: Cherry (Montmorency) 05/14/2015
The Cut: Grape (Baco Noir) 01/05/2017 Our only red grape Cut this season. Baco Noir is closely related to zinfandel grapes. Pours dark red with bright pink foam. This beer is heavy on the grape right now even though it was bottled almost 2 months ago. When it was bottled, it had an amazing balance of grape jam and Oak Theory funk.This will change over time as the Oak Theory begins to take hold in the bottle. This beer is going to age phenomenally like a bold red wine would we think, make sure to stock your cellar up.
The Cut: Grape (Merlot) 12/18/2015 Huge funk and grape flavors. Juicy.
The Cut: Grape (Riesling) 01/19/2016 Sweet riesling grape and Oak Theory funk.
The Cut: Grape (Vidal Blanc) This white grape variety blend was bottled on 1/11/17 and is showing balance between the delicate white grape notes and Oak Theory funk. Very reminiscent of a bio champagne, if there is such a thing. This won't be for sale to the public for a month or so.
The Cut: Peach 09/17/2015 Suncrest peaches at 3#/gal and some of the funkiest base barrels we've used result in a Cut that Eric thinks is his favorite yet. Bottled 2.5 months ago, we've just been waiting for the yeast to clean up a bit, and now its ready.
The Cut: Peach (Glow Haven) 10/11/2016 Glow Haven peaches were used in this second (and last) Peach Cut blend of 2016.
The Cut: Peach (Red Haven) 09/05/2016
The Cut: Peach (Red Haven) 09/08/2016
The Cut: Plum (Elephant Heart) 12/31/2016 The juiciest plum Cut we've released yet! Over 3 pounds per gallon Elephant Heart plums from Palisade, CO were used. The foam stability on this beer is amazing, it was hard to get it to settle out to take a picture. Last Plum Cut of the 2016 fruit season.
The Cut: Plum (Italian and Duarte) 09/29/2015 The Sleeper Series. Served at Vail Big Beers 2016 and in the Tasting Room.
The Cut: Plum (Santa Rosa) 09/09/2016 Santa Rosa plums from Palisade. We finally got the labels for this blend, it's tasting amazing.
The Cut: The Red (Cherry Blend) 07/22/2016
The Low End
The Low End 06/01/2015
The Low End 06/29/2015 Compared to the 1st blend, this batch is softer and more round, a touch more hoppy. Gun to my head, I prefer this batch. It's hard to say though.
The Low End 06/27/2016 We did a 2 barrel blend and dry hopped it with Cascade. It will remind you of the last DH Saison we did.
Wet Hop Low End
Wet Hop Low End 10/28/2015 Classic Low End but with a huge amount of Colorado Cascade wet hops that make for a beer with amazing flavors of lemon rind.
Wet Hop Low End 11/20/2015 Classic Low End but with a huge amount of Colorado Cascade wet hops that make for a beer with amazing flavors of lemon rind. This is the second blend of the 2015 Wet Hop brew, last Low End until the summer. 100% CO ingredients.

By: Mark Robinson

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