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cerebral brewing black friday

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We’re in the middle of moving and life is pretty nuts right now. But, with Black Friday just around the corner and sooooo many cool events on the schedule, we wanted to take a few minutes to give you a rundown of what’s happening around town.

The nice thing is that you’ve got plenty of options. We love BCBS, but we love that our local brewers have dozens of awesome stouts ready to release as well. You’ve got options. Choose wisely.

Begin your Friday over at Ratio where they’ll tap new brews paired with breakfast. Look for Young Pilgrims Raspberry Belgian Dubbel, alongside a limited release of Coffee Domestica. They’ll also have breakfast burritos from Illegal Pete’s, donuts from Fractured Prune and coffee from Novo Coffee. Ratio Beerworks is located at: 2920 Larimer St, Denver, CO.

Station 26 has an impressive lineup of Dark Star and variants set to release this year. This year’s base beer clocks in at more than 13% ABV and spent 10 months in bourbon barrels. There are 11 variants to sample in the tap room, plus three special beers that’ll be available to-go.

On tap:

2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star
2016 BBA Dark Star (available in bottles)
German Chocolate BBA Dark Star (available in bottles)
Salted Caramel BBA Dark Star (available in bottles)
Coffee BBA Dark Star
Mexican Chocolate BBA Dark Star
Chai BBA Dark Star
Root Beer Float BBA Dark Star
S’mores BBA Dark Star (served with a toasted marshmallow)
Manhattan BBA Dark Star (served with a Luxardo cherry)
ELVIS BBA Dark Star (served with a bacon rimmed glass!)


Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star Imperial Stout
German Chocolate BBA Dark Star Imperial Stout
Salted Caramel BBA Dark Star Imperial Stout

s26 black friday

Station 26 Brewing Co. is located at: 7045 E 38th Ave, Denver, CO.

Cerebral Brewing’s releasing Ancient Ruins on Friday. This new brew’s a 9.0% ABV Imperial Chocolate Stout brewed with chocolate malts, cacao husks and Haitian cacao nibs. They’ll also have 3 variants to share – Blackberry, Sea Salt & Orange Zest, and Toasted Coconut.

cerebral brewing black friday

Crowlers of Ancient Runs will be available, limit of 3 / person. 25 Crowlers of each variant will be available for $16 / each, limit of 1 Crowler per person per variant. Cerebral Brewing is located at: 1477 Monroe St, Denver, CO.

What would Black Friday be without the mention of WeldWerks? The brewery’s been making waves all year with their impressive stouts and hazy IPAs. On Friday, they’ll offer up both on draft and in Crowlers – Mexican Achromatic, their 10.5% ABV Imperial Stout, brewed with cacao nibs, Madagascar vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. Crowlers will sell for $21 / each, limit of 2 / person.

In addition, WeldWerks plans to release several cases that were held back from their GABF release of Barrel Aged Mexican Achromatic (BAMA). $14 / each, limit of 2 / person.

WeldWerks Brewing is located at: 508 8th Ave, Greeley, CO.

Fourth Estate was the collaboration brew we brewed with the help of Lost Highway Brewing, plus PorchDrinking, The Brewtography Project, Westword, 9 News and other friends from the local media for Collaboration Fest. The Belgian Chocolate Stout was absolutely delicious and Lost Highway plans to release a Barrel-Aged Version on Black Friday.

I’m admittedly a little biased on this one, but we know you’ll love this beer. And it’s close to some funky record shops on Colfax for all you Black Friday record hunters. Lost Highway Brewing is located at: 520 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO.

  • Dual Bottle Release, Banded Oak Brewing, Denver, CO

Banded Oak Brewing’s got a sweet pair of barrel-aged brews set to release in bottles on Friday.

Look for Barrel Aged Rye Saison – 10.3% ABV, 21 IBU

Matured in French oak Cabernet wine barrels for 6 months, this dark, imperial take on the classic Belgian style offers strong notes of tart cherries and lightly roasted coffee beans coated in a rich chocolate, with figs and plums and a slight hint of banana. The oak lends a complexity of vanilla and tea leaf like tannins, while the residual Cabernet present in the staves of the barrel comes through with a wintergreen and rosemary camphor leaving the finish dry with mild peppery spice and warming alcohol. 


 Also seek out Barrel Aged Scotch Ale – 8.2% ABV, 15 IBU

A full-bodied wee heavy style with bold suggestions of molasses and toffee melding with toasted and biscuity malt that lend flavors of raisins, toast and fire roasted almonds. With 5 months in French Oak Cabernet barrels this beer takes on a velvety like smoothness with an addition of smoked wood, ripe red fruit and a restrained sweetness in the finish and the moderate burn of alcohol to balance the richness on the front end.  

Banded Oak Brewing is located at: 470 Broadway, Denver, CO.

Baere’s laying down the funk on Black Friday, with 3 new Sours on tap, plus 2 in bottles to-go.

Palisade Peach Table Sour
Kettle Soured with our house lactobacillus culture and fermented in stainless with a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. Aged on fresh Palisade peaches and bottled by hand with love.
750 mL – $14 – 2 Bottle Limit – Bottled 9/26/2016

Saison Batch 2 – GABF Bronze Medal 2016 for Classic Saison
Our take on the classic saison brewed with Barley, Wheat, and Rye and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces for a spicy, dry finish. Highly carbonated and bottled by hand in a strip mall with love.
750 mL – $12 – 2 Bottle Limit – Bottled 6/27/2016

Palisade Peach Table Sour – less than 5 gallons on tap!
Blackberry Table Sour
Black Currant Table Sour

Baere Brewing is located at: 320 Broadway, Suite E, Denver, CO.

Black Sky will release Barrel Aged Black Metal Baltic Porter on Friday. Drop in and stock up. Black Sky Brewery is located at: 490 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO.

Copper Kettle’s digging into their cellar to share some vintage gems on Black Friday. Here’s a look at what’ll be released.

Snowed In
Intense coffee stout with notes of chocolate, aged in bourbon barrel
2013 – aged in Breckenridge bourbon barrels – ABV 10.6 – IBU 68
2014 – aged in High West bourbon barrels – ABV 12.1 – IBU 78
2015 – aged in Colorado bourbon barrels – ABV 11.5 – IBU 57
2016 – aged in Breckenridge bourbon barrels – ABV 13.3 – IBU 45

Well Bred
Regal English strong ale aged in bourbon barrels with some malty notes of fruit (plums/dates), slightly nutty, with a touch of molasses
2013 – aged in Breckenridge bourbon barrels – ABV 10.2 – IBU 75
2014 – aged in Breckenridge bourbon barrels – ABV 10.7 – IBU 72
2015 – aged in Versailles Kentucky bourbon barrels – ABV 10.3 – IBU 64
2016 – aged in Woodford Reserve barrels – ABV 10.3 – IBU 64

Law’s Whiskey Charlie’s Golden Strong
Straw colored Belgian with tropical fruit and spice notes, named in honor of our beloved brewery mascot, Charlie
2016 – aged in Laws Whiskey barrels – ABV 8 – IBU 23

Le Chapeau
Imperial Saison with notes of tart fruit and spice aged in lightly toasted wine barrels
2015 – aged in Cabernet Sauvignon & Sauvignon Blanc barrels – ABV – IBU

Copper Kettle Brewing is located at: 1338 S Valentia St #100, Denver, CO.

Factotum’s releasing bottles of their Barrel Aged Cranberry Cream Ale on Friday at Noon. When Factotum released Cranberry Cream Ale last Winter, they decided to hold back a bit for aging in a Chardonnay Barrel. 9 Months later it’s been bottled and ready to share with friends this Winter. Factotum Brewhouse is located at: 3845 Lipan St, Denver, CO.

Ursula Brewery’s releasing Évoluer Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Golden Sour on Friday. Bottles will be available for $15 / each, limit of 4 / person. No draft, but samples will be sold for those purchasing bottles. They’ll also offer discounts on other bottles and merchandise. Ursula Brewery is located at: 2101 N Ursula St, Aurora, CO.

Odd13 plans to launch 3 new brews on Black Friday. Sir Joshua‘s a Black IPA and Double Buzzin Cuzzin is an Imperial Stout with Mole Spices. Both will also hit local liquor stores. Saint Nicole‘s the third release they have planned, which is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout that will be available in bottles. Come hang out in the tap room and try some of the variants of Saint Nicole’s that are set to be tapped.


Odd13 Brewing is located at: 301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO.

  • Bottle Release, Spangalang Brewery, Denver, CO

Spangalang Brewery’s releasing bottles of Nightwalker Con Alma, which is an Imperial Stout refermented with Tempranillo grape juice in red wine barrels. There’s only about 70 – 750 mL bottles to go around, so don’t delay. $19 / each. Spangalang Brewery is located at: 2736 Welton St, Denver, CO.

Falling Rock Tap House will tap their last keg of Goose Island BCBS (2015) and donate proceeds to the Colorado Brewers Guild. Chris and the crew are done with big beer buyouts and have decided to take this opportunity to send them off while benefitting local craft. Brilliant. Falling Rock Tap House is located at: 1919 Blake St, Denver, CO.

Parry’s Pizza has some awesome tappings scheduled for Black Friday. Look for fresh BCBS, vintage BCBS, Epic’s Big Bad Baptista and Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist, Evil Twin’s Even More Genius and many more. Check the Parry’s website for additional details.

  • Bourbon Count Brand Stout Preview, Acorn, Denver, CO, Wednesday, 6 – 8 PM

Acorn’s firing up the party early with a little preview on Wednesday. They’ll have 4 BCBS beers to share by the glass and by the flight.

acorn bcbs

Again, this is on Wednesday, November 23rd. Acorn is located at: 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO.

  • Bourbon County Brand Stout, Goose Island

We recently had the privilege to preview this year’s Bourbon County lineup and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Barleywine was my personal favorite, while Mrs. Insane loved the earthy notes present in the Coffee.

bcbs 16-2

Based off early announcements from local stores, it does seem like we’ll be getting significantly less when compared to last year’s allocation. Plan accordingly. Prop is Chicago only. Here’s the details on the ’16 lineup.

bcbs original 16

bcbs coffee 16

bcbs barleywine 16

bcbs prop 16

Finally, not an official Black Friday release, but Epic recently released Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist and Big Bad Baptista. Both are freakin’ delish and should be on your radar while you’re out and about.

Have fun out there and happy hunting!

By: Mark Robinson

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