Melvin Brewing Announces 2017 National 2×4 Day

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We couldn’t be more excited to announce the return of National 2×4 Day. This hop lovers holiday is a tremendous celebration of all things Melvin, from 2×4 to ninjas to hip-hop. Get ready to bring the Ruckus.

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For Immediate Release:  

Wyoming’s Melvin Brewing Celebrates 2nd Annual National 2×4 Day on February 4th

30+ Bars Across 13 States & 3 Countries

Plus… RIIPA: Rotational IPA Series Release  

(Alpine, WY—JANUARY 9, 2017) — Wyoming’s Melvin Brewing is once again celebrating their award-winning 2×4 IPA across the U.S. and in three countries on Saturday, February 4th with special events at 30 plus participating bars from Boston and Washington, DC to San Francisco, Seattle and beyond. The swag, the hip-hop, the ninjas, and – of course – Melvin’s 2×4 will all be out to party.

Plus…this year Hacksaw Jim Duggan is Melvin’s 2×4 Day spokesperson.  Hacksaw Jim isn’t the only one who carries a 2×4—check out the bars laying the lumber this year. Go to: or check it out here.

2×4 is an Imperial IPA with an absurd amount of hops, 10 percent ABV and a light malt base that reveals notes of pine, citrus and tropical fruit.  2×4 won a gold medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, back-to-back Alpha King awards in 2012 and 2013 (placed 2nd in 2015), and a gold medal at the 2014 World Beer Cup.

In addition to 2×4, Melvin will introduce its four RIIPA Series beers (Rotational Imperial IPAs).  These beers will be available in draft and cans and will rotate through various territories throughout the next four quarters with no two beers ever being served within the same state at the same time.   Go to:

  • * Imperial IPA

2×4’s award winning cousin. The * Imperial IPA uses copious amounts of mosaic hops that give this beer strong notes of tropical fruit, stone fruit, mango and berries. Brewed with a blend of northwest 2-row, light crystal, mosaic hops and some stuff you don’t even know about.

Style: IIPA

ABV: 9%

IBU: 88

  • Drunken Master Imperial IPA

Born out of the Melvin R&D facility on Wyoming’s West Coast, also known as the closet. Brewed with a blend of Columbus, Citra and some Top-Secret hops left over from the great east vs. west hip hop battles. Hopped with over 3 pounds per barrel. Drunken Master is the 2016 National IIPA Champion. Sure to make you a Drunken Master if you consume too many of these bad boys. Cheers from the crew at Melvin. Please, only practice your Karate after a four pack and bow to your sensei.

Style: IIPA

ABV: 9%

IBU: 75

  • Citradamus Imperial IPA

The great Citradamus predicts this IIPA will be one of your favorites. Citradamus is Melvin’s world class IIPA brewed with 100% Citra hops, pristine mountain water and northwest malt. Flavors of citrus (duh), pine and total dankness. Dry hopped with ludicrous amounts of Citra for that classic hoppiness that Melvin has become known for. 
Style: IIPA

ABV: 9.5%

IBU: 76

  • Lambda Triple IPA

The crew at Melvin decided to push their system to the max on all levels. Brewed with 4 plus lbs of Simcoe and Mosaic hops per barrel then double dry hopped. Flavors of peach, stone fruit and herbal forest. Sure to put you in the gravel pit.


OG: ABV: 11-13%

IBU: 100++

Don’t hate, party.  For more information, check out or search #2×4 on all social media platforms.

Participating bars include:


Anchorage: TBD


Long Beach:

Beachwood BBQ, 210 E 3rd Street

San Francisco:

Zeitgeist, 199 Valencia Street

The Hop Grenade, 2151 Salvio Street

San Diego:

Hamilton’s Tavern, 1521 30th Street





Backcountry Tap House, 2319 Arapahoe Avenue


Crafty Fox, 3901 Fox Street

Falling Rock, 1919 Blake Street

Finns Manor, 2927 Larimer Street

Hops and Pie, 3920 Tennyson Street

Fort Collins:

Tap & Handle, 307 S College Avenue

Colorado Springs:

Brewer’s Republic, 112 N Nevada Avenue

Buena Vista:

The Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar, 412 E Main Street 



Bier Thirty Bottle & Bistro, 3073 S Bown Way

PreFunk Beer Bar, 1100 West Front Street

Twisted Timber – 4563 Cloverdale Road



Lord Hobo, 92 Hampshire Street, Cambridge



The Bier Stein, 1591 Willamette Street


ABV Public House, 23588 NW Clara Lane


Apex, 1216 SE Division Street

N.W.I.P.A.,6350 SE Foster Road

Roscoe’s, 8105 SE Stark Street

The BeerMongers, 1125 SE Provision Street

Valley Growlers, 11185 SE Lenore Street


Austin: TBD


Salt Lake City:

Beerhive, 128 Main Street



Hop and Hound, 10827 Circle Drive


Special Brews, 14608 Hwy 99, Ste 307


Elizabeth Station, 1400 West Holly Street

The Copper Hog Gastropub, 1327 North State Street

McKay’s Taphouse and Pizzeria, 1118 E Maple Street

Train Wreck Bar and Grill 427 E Fairhaven Ave.


The Beer Junction, 4511 California Ave., SW

The Last Drop, 8016 15th Ave., NE


Trails End Taphouse, 511 Maple Avenue


ChurchKey, 1337 14th Street, NW



Keg & Cork, 5371 Blackmore Rd.

Jackson Hole:

Thai Me Up (original home of Melvin Brewing), 75 E Pearl Ave


Tusker Bar, 3310 Ridge Road


British Columbia:

12 Kings Pub, 395 Kingsway, Vancouver

The Drake Eatery, 517 Pandora Ave, Victoria


Moeder Lambic, Bruxelles, Belgium

About Melvin Brewing

Melvin Brewing was founded in 2009 by Jeremy Tofte and Kirk McHale to fulfill their need to drink the biggest, most exciting West-Coast Style IPAs in Jackson, WY. Experimenting on a 30 gallon, then three-barrel brew house system, they developed the Melvin IPA and 2×4 Imperial IPA, which went on to win gold medals at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, back-to-back Alpha King awards in 2012 and 2013, and a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup. On the strength of these and other beer brands, Melvin Brewing was awarded the 2015 Small Brew Pub and Small Brew Pub Brewer of the year.

Melvin brewing now has more than 40 amazing beer recipes to its name, expanding its portfolio of hoppy beers and other styles, with brands or beer syles such as ChChCh-Cherry Bomb (Fruit Beer), Killer Bees (Honey Ale), Coffee Ruckus (Coffee Imperial Stout), Wu’Wit (Belgian Wit), Hey Zeus! (Mexican Lager).

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Melvin Brewing opened its production facility in Alpine, WY, brewing out of a new 30-barrel brew house. Kirk will keep manning the three-barrel system in the back of Jackson, Wyoming’s Thai Me Up Restaurant to keep creating some of the most exciting beers on the market today, while Dave Chichura will take over the larger scale production in Alpine.


By: Mark Robinson

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