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Mark Robinson – Founder / Editor



My name’s Mark Robinson and I was turned onto craft beer by my wife, Patti, back in 2003. We were still dating and living on the east coast when she began introducing me to breweries like Harpoon, Brooklyn, Victory, Allagash and of course, Dogfish Head. I was instantly hooked. If not for her, I might still be wasting my money (and liver) on Corona and limes… Before long, we were taking road trips up and down the coast in search of great breweries and new beers and quickly became hooked on the craft beer scene.

Eventually, we made the jump to Colorado and after a few years of persuading, I finally fired up this blog in early 2012. My only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner, as it’s proven to be a ton of fun and has led to sharing some incredible experiences with a community of great people along the way.

We spend much of our free time visiting breweries, seeking out new beers and attending beer festivals and events around the country.  Life is good, beer is delicious.  Drink it up.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc? Drop us a line anytime: mark@brewtallyinsane.com Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Untappd.

Patti Robinson aka Mrs. Insane – Photographer / Writer / Supportive Wife


pattiPatti is a native of Syracuse, NY, and attended school at both Rochester Institute of Technology and Oswego State University. It was at college that she became bored with yellow fizzy Canadian beer and first began bumming sips off people who were drinking more flavorful, local craft beers. Dundee’s Honey Brown, Saranac’s Pale Ale, and Ithaca Beer Company’s Apricot Wheat really opened her eyes and awakened her taste buds.

Thirsty for a more adventurous life, Patti left college and packed her bags for a new career as a flight attendant. This job took her around the United States, allowing her to sample local beers in all four corners of the US and nearly every state in-between. While living in the DC area she met Mark, her beer-trekking soul mate. They rightly celebrated their marriage with family and friends in 2005 with a special keg of Magic Hat #9. On their honeymoon, they sipped on Pliny the Younger and on their 1-year anniversary, made the pilgrimage to Belgium to drink Cantillon and Westvleteren straight from the source.

Today, Patti is living in Colorado’s Front Range with Mark and their two children. Often, you’ll find her working as a BEERtender at her favorite brewery, Dry Dock Brewing Company. Patti does the majority of the photography for BI and from time-to-time writes articles as well. When Patti is not behind the camera or bar, she loves to paint, camp, kayak, and travel with her family, often while sipping on a funky brett beer or sessionable ale.

Scott Steigerwald aka The Beer Whisperer – Writer


scott steigerwaldScott is a native New Yorker and spent his childhood growing up on Long Island. He discovered his love for craft beer in the mid-90s while attending college in Buffalo, NY. After college, Scott moved to Denver and further expanded his craft beer explorations. Scott is the former writer of The Denver Beer Hunter’s Report and also know as The Beer Whisperer or The Stig. By day, he is a software engineer and map geek, by night a husband and father to 3 kids and on the weekends a craft beer warrior. You can find Scott on Twitter, BA, Untappd, just about everywhere else as ssteigerwald or e-mail him: scott@brewtallyinsane.com.

Fortunately for us, Scott’s decided to continue his Beer Hunter’s Report, which you’ll be able to find right here, every Thursday, in our Weekend Beer Buzz. In addition, Scott has agreed to take on a variety of projects, including festival coverage, brewery features and whatever else we can conjure up to test out his liver and have a little fun in the process.

Matt Morris – Writer

matt morrisMatt grew up in Albuquerque, NM, where he started exploring craft brews. The Chama River Jackalope IPA was a gateway beer for him, which he says is best enjoyed while waiting for a concert at the micropub of the Sunshine Theater in downtown ABQ. Matt eventually moved to Colorado, and immediately fell in love with Dry Dock, back when they were still a small, hole-in-the-wall brewery, located in the back of The Brew Hut.

Matt loves to drink IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Barleywines, and Sours, but he’ll try anything and likes being surprised by a well crafted Lager or Wheat beer. He enjoys traveling and always tries the local beers wherever he ends up. You’ll most likely see him with his beer loving partner in crime, Mikki. She can be credited with helping his palate grow, while exploring tons of CO breweries and festivals. Follow Matt and his more than 3,000 unique beer check-ins on Untappd.

Brian McKenzie aka McNazz – Writer

brian mckenzieBrian is a native from the Great Lakes State of Michigan and grew up in metro Detroit. After becoming “legal to imbibe”, his mission has always been to find a new favorite beer – the only problem back then was he found himself trying the wrong ones and it never really stuck. Upon finishing college, he migrated to the prairie lands of Kansas City where his infatuation with craft beer really began to blossom. It took just one sip of Tank 7 after a tour at Boulevard Brewing Co. and it all clicked. After that it was a snowball effect of visiting every brewery within a country mile, trying every beer style available on shelves and learning about their origins. When he later moved to Colorado it was like getting called up to the big leagues, The Capital of Craft Beer.

What he likes most about craft beer is the culture of like-minded people and creative minds. It’s almost become a prerequisite for friendship to share the love of craft, which has spawned many lasting friendships. You’ll see Brian around town with his nose buried in his glass, like a typical beernerd, and adoring it like a gift from the magi.

Manifest destiny for the finer things in life – treat yourself!

Gregory Nelson aka @Magicsideburns – Writer

greg nelson germanyGreg spent the first 38 years of his life traveling around the world with the military, first with his parents and then as a telecommunications technician for the Air Force. This led to an overabundance of exposure to a variety of cultures, foods and beverages.

There were two defining moments that set the stage for his insatiable pursuit of craft beer. First, while on a school trip to Cologne, Germany in 1990, during a lunch stop at the Früh in the shadow of the cathedral, he had his first taste of Kölsch and realized that there was more to beer than the average run of the mill offerings that most young people were chasing. Second, a few years later while stationed in northern Japan, he happened across a liquor store that carried a variety of beers with colorful labels, among them Pyramid’s wonderful Apricot Ale. Mediocrity would never be an option again.

Now, 20-odd years later and freshly retired, he has landed in Colorado and fallen in love with the craft beer scene. When he isn’t either homebrewing or visiting breweries across the country with his wife and kids, Greg enjoys watching Toronto Maple Leafs hockey and training for half marathons . You can contact Greg on Twitter, Untappd, or Pinterest.


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