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epic 50 firkin fiasco

GABF Calendar Day Four – 10/02/2014

Here comes Day Four of GABF Week. It’s about to get real with Epic’s 50 Firkin Fiasco, the return of What The Funk!? and the first night of GABF. Check out the complete rundown and get ready for an awesome day of craft beer! Psst, don’t forget you can pull up our entire GABF Week […]

my gabf 7

GABF Calendar Day Six – 10/12/2013

One last hurrah.  Make the most of it.  Sleep is for the week. Breakfast With The Bruery, The Cheeky Monk, 9 AM The popular Bruery Breaskfast at The Cheeky Monk is back again this year.  Stop by and meet the crew, along with Brian Pramov and Bryan Kaes, who won a homebrew contest earlier this […]

gabf 2013

2013 GABF Calendar

Can you believe another Great American Beer Festival is right around the corner?  Now is the time to start making your plans for all the beer dinners, side festivals, classes, special tappings and other events that will be taking place throughout the week, beginning with the Kickoff Party at Falling Rock on Monday night. Grab […]


Weekend Beer Buzz: Strong Ale Fest & Birthday Edition 02/28/2013

Cold, snowy week here my friends.  The “Redneck Ruler” has been working overtime, trying to keep up with the foot of snow we got this week. Our team of “experts” flew in for a few days to revamp the website.  Those slackers got a good start, but we’re not ready to relaunch just yet.  It’s […]

Weekend Beer Buzz: GABF Edition 10/10/12

Where to go?  What to do?  I find myself asking the same questions every year during GABF.  You’ve basically got a year’s worth of great beer events crammed into one week.  So I’m going to give you my picks for some of the best events around town this week.  These are the ones that aren’t […]

Short’s Brewing is Bringing Bottles Back to Denver for GABF

Short’s is coming back!  That’s right, the little brewery making the big beers out of Bellaire, Michigan is gearing up to distribute three of their beers to various stores around the Denver area to coincide with the Great American Beer Festival. They brought 6 beers to our market last year and are planning to return […]

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