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weldwerks anniversary

Weekend Beer Buzz 03/16/17

Happy Colorado Craft Beer Week! We’ve shared a few of the events we’re excited about this week, but there’s a ton of tappings and releases on the schedule. Check the Official Colorado Craft Beer Week Website for more info. The week will wrap up at the 4th Annual Collaboration Fest on Saturday, March 25th. This one’s […]

avery barrel aged

Weekend Beer Buzz 12/17/2015

First, a giant Thank You to everyone that’s supported our Make-A-Wish Fundraiser so far. When we started out, we were looking to raise $3000. We’ve been at it for a little over a week and we’re already at $2985! That means we’re 99% of the way to our goal! Thank you all very much! As a […]

hops and pie holiday

Weekend Beer Buzz 12/18/2014

One more push for great craft beer before Christmas. There’s plenty of goodies getting tapped and a big ol’ Beer Hunter’s Report. Check it out. Thursday, December 18th, 2014 12 Firkins of Christmas, Copper Kettle Brewing Company, Denver, CO Copper Kettle’s 12 Firkins of Christmas is still going strong. Head over every day this week until […]

avery pumpkyn

Weekend Beer Buzz 09/18/2014

Your Weekend Beer Buzz is juiced up this week. Man, there are a freakin’ ton of events to talk about. And if you’re opening a brewery, maybe don’t do it on the 2nd weekend of September. I’m not sure this town can handle any more Anniversary Parties on the same weekend. Anyway, here’s the scoop. […]

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