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telluride blues 2013

Weekend Beer Buzz 09/12/2013

The rain just keeps comin’.  Hope everyone out there’s safe and dry, because we’ve got a weekend to talk about. Thursday, September 12, 2013 12% Imports comes to Falling Rock on Thursday.  Come out and try some of the best new beers to reach our great state. Look for 10 taps from two of your […]


Weekend Beer Buzz: Valentine’s Day Edition 02/14/2013

We had a killer time last week on the left coast.  San Diego is a great, great beer town.  No, it’s not Denver, let’s not get carried away, but it’s solid and growing just as quickly as our local scene.  This was our second visit in 18 months and it’s crazy to see the growth. […]

Weekend Beer Buzz 08/30/2012

Man, my kids started school last week and were gracious enough to bring The Funk home with them and share it with us.  Been sick for the past few days…  Time to kick this crap and get ready for the holiday weekend!  I’m goin’ Phisin’! Thursday, August 30th, 2012. Parry’s Pizza has some new goodies […]

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