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Odell Unleashes The Friek For The Holidays

The Friek’s back!  On Saturday, November 23rd, Odell will release this year’s batch of that sweet Lambic-hybrid, affectionately known as Friek.  The sweet concoction, brewed with cherries and barrel-aged for months, before being blended with fresh raspberries before bottling, will return just in time to pair with your holiday deserts.  This is one of our favorites from […]

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Shedding Light On AC Golden’s Hidden Barrel Project. Part 3 – Fruit Season

Over the course of the Summer, we’ve been working with the Team at AC Golden Brewing to take you inside the heart of the brewery and give you an in-depth look at their Sour Beer program.  We hope you enjoy this rare glimpse into the brewery as we follow their upcoming releases of Peche and Kriek all […]

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Shedding Light On AC Golden’s Hidden Barrel Project. Part 1 – From Brew To Barrel

We’ve begun working on a special project this Summer, where we’ll participate and witness the birth of a Sour Beer at AC Golden Brewing Company.  Over the next few months, the Team at AC Golden will take us on a journey from brew to barrel to blend to bottle to you! The first stop on […]

Beer Trippin’ in New York. Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

I’m from the East Coast.  Don’t hate me because of it.  We’re not ALL rude…  Really, we’re not.  My wife’s from out that way too and at least once a year, we sling our packs across the camels and head back east for a visit.  You know, to do the whole family thing.  It’s good. […]

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