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New Brew Review: Mikkeller & Grassroots – Wheat Is The New Hops

With National IPA Day creeping up on August 1st, we thought it was time to spotlight a few IPA’s. Rather than tag the usual Colorado classics like Ska’s Modus Hoperandi, Odell’s IPA, Avery’s IPA and so on, we wanted to branch out, explore some unique takes on the popular style and review a few non-traditional, […]


Weekend Beer Buzz: 04/25/2013 One Big Ass Tap Takeover Edition

Spring has sprung.  Our weekly dose of snow has melted away to make room for sunny days, pink unicorns, rainbows, fairies, and Justin Bieber… Wait, sorry.  I may have just crossed the line with that last one…  I found my razor today and put it to good use for the first time this year.  The […]

Beer Trippin’ in Arizona. Baseball and Beer Hunting.

My family and I are big baseball fans and every year we find ourselves heading to Arizona for a few days to take in some Spring Training games.  We got up bright and early on Wednesday morning to grab the first flight from Denver, CO into Phoenix, AZ.  As we were waiting for our bags […]

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