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Exploring Avery’s Barrel-Aged Series of Beers

Avery Brewing Company began their barrel-aged series some five years ago, with No. 1 Brabant being bottled in February of 2009.  This provided an amazing outlet for experimental beers that were brewed with a “one and done” mentality, some of which soared to amazing heights and others that taught valuable lessons.  Occasional releases that are […]

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Weekend Beer Buzz 4th Of July Edition

Happy 4th of July everyone!  This week, we posted our Summer Beer Guide, which was a compilation of recommendations taken from a variety of people in the Colorado craft beer community.  Check it out and stock up for the long weekend.  Summer’s here, the beer’s cold and we’ve got plenty to talk about. Thursday, July 4th, 2013 It’s the 4th of July and many […]


Weekend Beer Buzz 06/20/2013

There’s no time to lose.  The clock’s ticking away and the weekend’s almost here.  Let’s get it on. Thursday, June 20th, 2013 Plenty of goodies to be had at Black Shirt Brewing this weekend.  Here’s this week’s setlist.   Black Shirt Brewing is located at: 3719 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205.  303-993-2799. Your IPA’s are […]

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New Beers and Beer News 06/14/2013

Seems like we’re about overdue for an update covering some of those great new beers getting ready to hit your favorite liquor store.  Check this collection of labels for an idea of what to watch for in the coming months. New Belgium’s got a bunch of fun things lined up for their Lips of Faith Series.  […]

momi hiwa

Avery Brewing Set To Release Momi Hiwa On Sunday

On Sunday, June 9th, Boulder’s Avery Brewing will release the next installment in their popular Barrel-Aged Series.  Check the Press Release below to see what this new brew is all about. Press release: (Boulder, CO) – This Sunday, Avery Brewing Company will release the latest in its Barrel-Aged Series, Momi Hiwa, a 17.09% coconut porter that was aged […]


Weekend Beer Buzz 06/06/2013 Avery Sour Fest Edition

It’s Sour Fest eve in the Brewtally Insane household.  That means there’s a fridge full of mouth-puckering, enamel-stripping brews and a medicine cabinet full of Tums.  I’ve been looking over pictures and menus from last year and even earlier, gearing up for what looks to be another great event.  We’ve got the beer menu for those of […]

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