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avery ba series 1

Exploring Avery’s Barrel-Aged Series of Beers

Avery Brewing Company began their barrel-aged series some five years ago, with No. 1 Brabant being bottled in February of 2009.  This provided an amazing outlet for experimental beers that were brewed with a “one and done” mentality, some of which soared to amazing heights and others that taught valuable lessons.  Occasional releases that are […]

avery opuntia barrel

Avery Brewing Releases Opuntia Sour Ale

Avery Brewing will release their next Barrel Aged beer on Sunday, February 23rd.  No. 18 in the series is called Opuntia and is a light sour ale, brewed with prickly pears, fermented with Brett, Pedio and Lacto, and aged in Suerte Tequila barrels.   Sunday’s release party will feature a variety of rare and exclusive […]

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