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pliny the younger

Pliny The Younger Does Colorado 2015

It’s Time! Pliny the Younger is coming and we’re working to get all the details for the Colorado tappings. This list will continue to be updated as new tappings are announced, so bookmark this page and watch for updates. Please, Please, Please, DO NOT call your favorite beer bars over and over begging for Pliny tapping dates and times.  When […]

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Weekend Beer Buzz 11/14/2013

Another exciting week here in Colorado.  Troy Casey announced his departure from AC Golden and plans to open Casey Brewing and Blending out in beautiful Glenwood Springs, CO.  We’re really pumped about this exciting news.  You can read yesterday’s announcement HERE.  We’ll keep you posted as more details come about. You’d think the highlight of […]

fresh hop frth 2013

Weekend Beer Buzz 10/17/2013

GABF rocked us.  Like a fat guy after Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a great week though.  From sampling some of the best beers on the planet at What The Funk?! to discovering new breweries at GABF to watching some of our favorite breweries get the recognition they deserve, it was a great week.  And hangover […]


Weekend Beer Buzz: Valentine’s Day Edition 02/14/2013

We had a killer time last week on the left coast.  San Diego is a great, great beer town.  No, it’s not Denver, let’s not get carried away, but it’s solid and growing just as quickly as our local scene.  This was our second visit in 18 months and it’s crazy to see the growth. […]

Weekend Beer Buzz 11/09/2012

It’s been an interesting week.  We got back an hour of sleep, although my kids still haven’t figured out how to sleep past 5:30 AM…  We survived another election.  I don’t get political on here. Truthfully, I don’t really talk politics at all on here or otherwise.  It’s not my thing.  But, I’m enjoying the […]

Weekend Beer Buzz 10/25/2012

It looks like Mother Nature has dished out a bit of snow and cold weather to us.  Don’t fret, there’s still plenty of good beer to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside again. It’s time for the weekend people.  You ready? Fire it up right now, by making a trip over to Crooked […]

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