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American Craft Beer Week 2014 Calendar

American Craft Beer Week is here and we’ve got a monstrous week of tappings, firkins, tours and other fun events to keep all you thirsty beer geeks hopped up, happy and thirsting for more. Here’s your guide for events around town. We’ll be posting updates throughout the week, so check back often. Monday, May 12th, […]

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Weekend Beer Buzz 02/06/2014

It’s brutal cold out these days and that chubby little groundhog says you’ve got 6 more weeks of Winter fun to look forward to.  You need a beer.  Here’s some great places to grab one this weekend. Thursday, February 6th, 2014 There’s a tasty lineup on tap at Crooked Stave.  Here’s this week’s menu. Crooked […]

crooked stave batch 60

Weekend Beer Buzz 01/23/2014

Pretty great weekend in these parts.  Avery Brewing broke ground on their new brewery, Crooked Stave announced a new collaboration series and great new beers are dropping left and right. Now you’re weekends here.  Let’s do it! Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 Crooked Stave’s got the new Batch 60 flowing in the tasting room.  More details […]

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GABF Calendar Day 4 – 10/10/2013

Day 4.  The doors to the Convention Center open in just a few hours.  You ready?  It’s on! Oskar Blues Ordeal Tour – 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. We’re hitting all the Oskar Blues stops on Thursday, and starting the tour off at our Grill & Brew brewpub in Lyons, the place where our beer began. Enjoy Steak and […]

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Weekend Beer Buzz 08/15/2013

Craft Beer Rocks and so should your weekend.  A ton of cool events are waiting for you over the next few days.  Get on it people ’cause your weekend starts NOW! Thursday, August 15th, 2013 New Brewery Alert!  Diebolt Brewing will have a soft opening on Thursday. They’ll have two beers on tap: Diebolt’s Standard […]

renegade anniversary

Weekend Beer Buzz 06/27/2013

Summer Beer Fest Season is in full swing and we’re gearing up to tackle another brew fest this weekend.  This will be our 6th week in a row.  Stop twisting our arms!  Yes, Yes we will go to another beer festival this weekend.  You win…  Read on to see where to go and what to […]


Weekend Beer Buzz 06/20/2013

There’s no time to lose.  The clock’s ticking away and the weekend’s almost here.  Let’s get it on. Thursday, June 20th, 2013 Plenty of goodies to be had at Black Shirt Brewing this weekend.  Here’s this week’s setlist.   Black Shirt Brewing is located at: 3719 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205.  303-993-2799. Your IPA’s are […]

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New Beers and Beer News 06/14/2013

Seems like we’re about overdue for an update covering some of those great new beers getting ready to hit your favorite liquor store.  Check this collection of labels for an idea of what to watch for in the coming months. New Belgium’s got a bunch of fun things lined up for their Lips of Faith Series.  […]


Weekend Beer Buzz: Colorado Craft Beer Week Edition 03/21/2013

Colorado Craft Beer Week is raging right now.  Have you gotten out for a little fun and good brews yet?  There’s an insane amount of events happening all over the place.  I hope you’re able to take full advantage of this fun week.  We’ve got some ongoing events that we listed on Monday, but we’ve […]


Weekend Beer Buzz: Strong Ale Fest & Birthday Edition 02/28/2013

Cold, snowy week here my friends.  The “Redneck Ruler” has been working overtime, trying to keep up with the foot of snow we got this week. Our team of “experts” flew in for a few days to revamp the website.  Those slackers got a good start, but we’re not ready to relaunch just yet.  It’s […]

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