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AleSmith Lands In Denver (Finally!!!)

After years and years of rumors, AleSmith has officially landed in Denver!  Earlier today, we got word of bombers hitting a few, select local store shelves.  Falling Rock Tap House tapped their first AleSmith kegs last night, while Hops & Pie tapped a trio of kegs this afternoon.  Head over and grab a pint from […]


Beer Trippin’ in California. Part 5 – AleSmith Brewing Company

When I hear the term “Big Beer” in Colorado, I immediately think of Avery Brewing and Great Divide Brewing.  Both have a vast selection of big beers ranging from 8%+ ABV Imperial Stouts, Double IPA’s, Barleywines and so on.  When I hear the term “Big Beer” in reference to Southern California, I think of San […]

Weekend Beer Buzz 11/09/2012

It’s been an interesting week.  We got back an hour of sleep, although my kids still haven’t figured out how to sleep past 5:30 AM…  We survived another election.  I don’t get political on here. Truthfully, I don’t really talk politics at all on here or otherwise.  It’s not my thing.  But, I’m enjoying the […]

Weekend Beer Buzz 10/25/2012

It looks like Mother Nature has dished out a bit of snow and cold weather to us.  Don’t fret, there’s still plenty of good beer to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside again. It’s time for the weekend people.  You ready? Fire it up right now, by making a trip over to Crooked […]

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