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great divide 22

Weekend Beer Buzz 06/09/2016

It’s beginning to feel like Summer out there. The weather’s warm and the beer’s cold. There’s some pretty sweet happenings around town this weekend. A fundraiser is set for Dry Dock, supporting local beer friend Paul Ogg and his battle against lymphoma. Please support this event. Also on deck is the 22nd Anniversary Party at […]

river north reopening rino

Weekend Beer Buzz 03/31/2016

Rumor has it Melvin Brewing will release cans to Colorado this week. As in tomorrow! As in April Fool’s Day. If you know anything about Melvin, you can understand why I’m a little nervous… Is this really happening or are we all getting punked by these kung fu hop wizards? Time will tell… Hopefully this is the […]

russian river pliny the younger banner

Pliny the Younger 2016 Calendar

It’s Time! Pliny the Younger is coming and we’re working to get you all the details for the Colorado tappings. This list will continue to be updated as new tappings are announced, so bookmark this page and watch for updates. We’re asking that you Please, Please, Please, DO NOT call your favorite beer bars over and over begging for […]

omf 3

Weekend Beer Buzz 12/03/2015

It’s been a busy week around here and the weekend’s looking like a great chance to kick back and enjoy a nice beer or two. There’s plenty to keep you busy with Anniversary Parties at both Station 26 and Our Mutual Friend (congrats guys!), some ridiculous beer releases, the return of the Denver Flea and […]

goose island rare 15-17

Weekend Beer Buzz 11/25/2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Family, Friends, Football, Food, and don’t forget the Beer. There’s a large number of great events this week. From special tappings including BCBS and Russian River, to new bottle releases from Crooked Stave, Casey and TRVE and so much more. Don’t forget to check this week’s Beer Hunter’s Report before heading out to get your shopping […]

avery star bar robe one out

GABF Calendar Day Six – 09/26/2015

You’re doing great. Don’t give up now.  It’s the last big day for GABF. Come down and support your favorite brewers as the awards are announced this morning. Don’t forget about our full 2015 GABF Calendar which we’ll continue to update as more events are announced. It’s also available in a Google Calendar friendly layout, so if […]

freshcraft gabf stay classy

GABF Calendar Day Five – 09/25/2015

What an amazing Thursday Session at GABF. Actually, the entire day was amazing. We spent the afternoon making the rounds downtown, hitting Falling Rock, World of Beer, The Source, Freshcraft and on and on and on, before finally walking through the doors of the Convention Center for the big show. The session seemed to be well […]

trve ratio beer dinner

GABF Calendar Day Two – 09/22/2015

Day Two! Who’s ready for another round of GABF Fun?  Don’t forget, about our full 2015 GABF Calendar which we’ll continue to update as more events are announced. It’s also available in a Google Calendar friendly layout, so if that’s your jam, click HERE. Visit our GABF Beer Hunter’s Report for all your bottle shopping needs and click […]

wob lodo dfh ancient ales 1

World of Beer LoDo Hosts Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Beer Dinner

You use Google maps on your smartphone to mathematically calculate the most efficient route from work to the downtown metropolis of Denver, because you just can’t be inconvenienced with the chaos of rush hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that. You park your horse-less carriage (also known as a car) within footsteps of an establishment […]


World of Beer Hosts Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Beer Dinner

World of Beer – LoDo will host the Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Beer Dinner on Thursday, July 9th. The dinner will feature 5 different and completely unique beers that have been traced back through history and re-created by Dogfish Head using modern brewing techniques. With beers ranging from Chateau Jiahu – Chinese Sake Ale to Theobroma – […]

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